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A visit visa for any country is a non-immigrant visa permit allowing you to stay in a specific country for a certain period of time. Generally a temporary visiting visa gives you the permission to involve in short-term business activities, visit family or friends, or roam as a tourist. A visit visa also allows you to visit foreign countries for the purpose of medical treatment.

General permissions granted by visit visa

  • The visit visa holder tour the country
  • Visit relatives
  • Attend business conferences
  • Can sign business contracts. 
  • Can seek medical treatment
  • Can consult with business associates
  • Can attend short-term training. 
You need to change your visit visa status into other forms of visa before starting to work or study in a foreign country. Brightlink Tours and Travels is a global visiting visa service provider who helps you in getting a visiting visa of the country you want to travel to. You can expect hassle-free visiting visa process from our side. You can obtain your visiting visa in quick time through us.
The applicant must have a genuine reason for a specific travel purpose. A visa interview might be conducted and biometrics is usually taken for completing the process. There are different kinds of visitor visas available, depending on the reason for the journey. All countries have their own specific rules, regulation and eligibility criteria for the application process. Visitor visas are classified based on the basis of travel reasons like tourism, visiting family/friends, business, or transit.

Visiting visas can be also categorized as single entry, double entry or multiple entries.You can be free from your worries after approaching Brightlink for your visiting visa. We get all the details worked out for you.

Visa requirements for Indian citizens

Visa required

UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Canada,  Singapore, Russia , France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Brazil, Italy, Uruguay, Mexico, China, Bangladesh, Peru, Iceland, New Zealand, Pakistan, 


Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bahrain, Egypt, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Iran, Myanmar, Kenya, 

Visa not required

Maldives, Qatar, Oman, Serbia, Bolivia, Jordan, Albania, Kazakhstan


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